Our Whitelabel Solution for FX options and Forwards

Assure Hedge has developed a simple and easy to use platform that allows our clients to offer pricing and execution of FX options to their customers with a simple click. Our custom built front-end uses our API technology to pull live prices from the market and present them in a concise way that is easy to understand.

Assure Hedge has created our platform in such a way that it can be easily branded and customised according to each customer's preferences.

When our fully functional platform integrates with your website, it allows your customers to register and trade FX options. Depending on your regulation and complicance preferences, KYC/AML checks can also be outsourced to Assure Hedge through this platform.

What is a Whitelabel?

It is a product or service produced by one company, that other companies can brand as their own, as if they had made it themselves.

This happens all around us and most of the time we don’t even know that it’s happening. The majority of search engines, computers, online streaming, clothing and food products are all using other companies’ underlying creations passed off as their own.

The Assure Hedge Whitelabel is a perfect fit for FX brokers and smaller banks that would like to serve their hedging clients in a more efficient manner with advanced hedging instruments.

If you don’t have the manpower, expertise, regulation or technology to provide your clients with FX options, then the Assure Hedge Whitelabel solution is the perfect fit for you.

Choose the Whitelabel solution

Easy Access to Institutional Grade Hedging Products

The most prominent benefit is that you can give your clients the access to FX options that have previously only been available to large financial institutions and multinationals.

Retain Possession of Your Clients

The whitelabel solution allows you to offer FX options to your clients directly instead of sending them to another company or competitor’s website. By providing an additional hedging solution on your website you have greater control and visibility of your customer’s journey.


Getting the necessary regulation to deal in derivatives is a time consuming, complicated and expensive process. In order to deal in currency options and more complicated hedging products, a firm needs to be MiFID regulated.  Without the necessary know-how and the minimum capital requirements, becoming a MiFID frim is virtually impossible. By using the Assure Hedge Whitelabel Solution, you can avoid this process entirely and offer Assure Hedge’s hedging tools without any regulatory hurdles.

Tech Development

Developing a platform that pulls live market data from an API can be a complicated and lengthy process. Information needs to be requested and submitted with 100% accuracy, as any breakdowns in the flow of information could result in serious financial losses. The cosmetic appearance of the platform can also be a lengthy process to perfect. Why reinvent the wheel? Use the Assure Hedge Whitelabel solution that has been perfected over years of expert development.

Increase Your Service Offering and Revenue Stream

The driving force behind any business decisions should always be to add value to your clients while ensuring that at the same time you are boosting your revenue stream as well. By adding FX options to your service offerings, you give your clients an additional tool that has been previously extremely difficult to come by. This tool gives them the ability to eliminate FX risks whilst benefiting from upside gains. And the best part, every time a client trades through your whitelabel - you earn additional profits with no additional efforts!