Opening Options for FX Brokers

Assure Hedge will provide your FX Brokerage, and your clients, with access to all the benefits of currency hedging instruments.

Your clients want more than Spots and Forwards…

As a deliverable currency broker, there are obstacles to providing them with more sophisticated currency hedging instruments.

There are regulatory hurdles, with strict conditions to adhere to. The capital requirements can be large, assuming that you can even find a counterparty. Then the enhanced KYC and due dilligence necessary for FX options demand yet more time and resources.

Give them Options

We have the regulatory approval, the market access, and the proprietary technology to overcome these hurdles, opening the way to you, and your clients.

Benefits to your FX Brokerage

  1. Forex Options for all your Clients
    Our technology enables you to offer forex options to all of your customers, regardless of their size. From SMEs to private clients - everyone can be served.

  2. No Additional Regulations are Required
    Assure Hedge is FCA regulated, so your brokerage does not have to go through all the regulatory hassle.

  3. Lower Risk of Mis-selling with our Solutions
    Our technology is entirely a self-directed trading platform, mostly eliminating the potential for mis-selling of FX options or forwards.

  4. Tailored to Suit a Variety of Trades
    Assure Hedge’s options are highly flexible. Catering to clients of all sizes, corporates and SMEs, Assure Hedge caters for trades starting from £/€10,000.

  5. KYC / DD
    We take care of all KYC, compliance, eligibility and suitability & appropriateness assessments. (If you’re regulated, then your clients don’t need to submit new docs.

  6. Stickier Clients
    Your clients want more products? Better hedging structures?
    Assure Hedge’s options gives them exactly what they need.

  7. Regulated across 31 European Countries
    Our Whitelabel solution enables you to sell options to millions of people across the EEA.

Benefits to your Clients

  1. Size Really Doesn’t Matter
    Minimum trade sizes range from £/€10,000 right up to multi-million trades, meaning your clients can hedge trades of all sizes.

  2. Ultimate Flexibility
    Variable trade size and time-value (up to 1 year), adjustable protection costs and strike rates. Your customers build a bespoke hedge to suit their business.

  3. Funds are 100% Protected
    We are entirely risk-free. All funds traded through our tech are held in fully segregated client accounts with top-tier banks.

  4. FCA Regulated
    We will only work with other regulated firms in Europe.

  5. Booked Exchanges Guaranteed
    Our FCA regulation ensures that any exchanges booked through Assure Hedge technology are guaranteed for the lifetime of the trade.

  6. Real-Time Pricing and Execution
    Instant quotes. Instant execution. Live and tradable pricing for your customers.

  7. New Hedging Service Available
    Access to previously unavailable hedging solutions all in under one roof for your clients.

FX options Whitelabel

What it is

The Assure Hedge whitelabel options trading and pricing platform product enables your business to offer your clients FX options as a hedging tool without the need for complicated MiFID options regulations. Additionally, with the whitelabel, there is no requirement to build any interface or technology to use this off-the-shelf product.

How it works

  1. Your marketing team provides the Assure Hedge integration team with your corporate colour scheme, brand guidelines and logo.

  2. These are then incorporated into a fully customisable whitelabel solution and the branded whitelabel is integrated into your business’ existing platform as being “powered by Assure Hedge”.

  3. Additional communique such as email and website content are then confirmed with you before launch.

As part of the whitelabel contract agreement, platform businesses using our whitelabel product are paid a percentage on the value of the trades conducted by their clients on a monthly basis.

Choose the Whitelabel

Easy Partnering

Once the agreement is signed, a revenue share agreement is entered prior to integration. Your client's trade, we split the profits.

Minimal Technology Integration Required

Our streamlined integration process minimises your need for technical resources. Assure Hedge’s technology enables you to provide your clients with a digital trading platform, branded to your specifications. At all times, you maintain all your existing client relationships, we never face your clients, we are hidden at the back end.

Up and Running Within Days

Are you already regulated? Good. All your clients need to do is a brief suitability and appropriateness test. They Pass, they can trade and we look after the rest.

Out-of-the-Box Online Platform

The Assure Hedge Whitelabel is built on REST Technology. It is modular, scalable, brandable and can easily slip into any existing online Forex product offering.

FX options API

What is it?

Built for developers by developers. A little more involved than our Whitelabel, our API allows you to build your own bespoke hedging platform for your clients with a simplified approach. No need to worry about more complex infrastructures and applications. You only need to hit an endpoint and get back a result that you can completely rely on.

The API is a perfect fit for forex brokers of all sizes who may not have the resources or the scope on their technology roadmap to build their own pricing and trading platform from scratch.

How does it work?

Initially you will get an API key and access to our API testing environment. After integrating our API and completing our standard KYC and AML questionnaires, the API’s components are integrated into your current trading platform.

Next, you tailor your existing client interface to incorporate the new FX options element.

Choose the API

Your Customers. Your Experience

Our technology enables brokers to provide their clients with a digital trading platform, branded and built to their specifications. You maintain all your existing client relationships, while we remain hidden at the back end.

As part of the API contract, Assure Hedge receives a percentage based on the number of transactions conducted through our API technology.

Fully Customised Front-end

With our API, you can create a fully customised interface for your clients, tailored to yours and their specific needs that match the rest of your product offerings.

Execute Options On-demand

Our API provides a fast way to build, price and execute FX options contracts.

Full Integration into Customised Workflows

Our API allows you to create your own admin and reporting views that sync with your existing technology and platforms.