FX options / for Banks

Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK, Assure Hedge has developed a proprietary dealing platform enabling your bank’s customers to instantly price, structure and execute forex hedging strategies primarily through currency options. A number of other instruments; spot trades, forwards and structured products are also available. As a regulated technology company, we are transforming the way business accesses over-the-counter currency options via our options API and Whitelabel solutions.

We provide seamless currency options integration for banks, which caters to all your clients.

Making it easier

Forex options are often difficult for businesses where this area is not their dedicated and specialised sector. For Assure Hedge, this is our speciality, and in addition, we have developed our currency hedging technology to support their expertise.

Challenges for your customers
  • Receiving a quote for an FX Option is difficult.

  • Account opening for hedging can be confusing and time-consuming for your business customers.

  • Options are perceived to be highly complex (lack of understanding).

  • Often access to hedging for smaller businesses is refused by your Trading Team as the transactions are deemed to be too small.

Challenges in offering hedging services
  • Currently, the risk of mis-selling FX options is significantly higher than selling Spots/Forwards.

  • Due to a lack of digitalisation, a lack of price transparency is evident with current traditional hedging methods with your customers.

  • The offering of hedging services to SMEs is currently time-consuming for your  bank’s trading desk as it requires customers to call.

  • There is currently no technology established in-house to offer the self-service facility to select currency options.

The SME currency hedging solution for Banks

The Assure Hedge hedging platform is housed within a fully regulated MiFID company approved to hold Client Money, and regulated as a payments firm under the Payments Services Directive (PSD). Assure Hedge is a Hedging Service Platform - our proprietary dealing platform enables banks’ customers to instantly price, structure and executes FX options trades.


  • Rapid customer onboarding (if required).

  • The modular product offering of FX spots, forwards and options.

  • Agile compliance tools.

  • Multi-currency accounts are on offer within the new platform.


  • A digital self-directed solution giving clients greater flexibility with their hedging.

  • Range of settlement choices.

  • Integrate directly to wholesale OTC FX markets.

  • Removes friction for your customers accessing OTC markets.

  • Lowers cost, transparent and instant quotes.


  • Fully regulated & capitalised API.

  • Institutional-grade regulated technology.

  • Use your existing regulations or Assure Hedge's to onboard customers.

  • Effective regulatory compliance allowing you to work with smaller SMEs via a digital product.


  • Infrastructure for FX hedging and payments.

  • Modular solution empowering innovation.

  • RESTful APIs for easy integration with banks and cloud accountancy packages.

Benefits to banks

  1. FX options for all your clients
    A digital solution enabling you to sell FX options and forwards to your entire client base in a compliant, cost-effective way.

  2. Outsource smaller client trades
    Smaller clients are able to hedge currency transactions with our self-directed technology, giving your in-house FX experts more time to focus on higher value trades requiring more care and attention.

  3. A tailored solution to mitigate compliance risk
    We offer both a fully outsourced solution that includes regulation or a partial service where you use our software and face your clients using your own regulations.

  4. Increased Client Base
    70% of SMEs worldwide do nothing to protect themselves from currency risk. Our platform can help you capture millions of new SMEs and retain your existing clients by opening up hedging products that were previously unavailable to them.

  5. Passported  across 31 European Countries
    Our whitelabel and API solutions enable coverage across all 31 EEA countries.

Benefits to your customers

  1. Size Doesn’t Matter
    Your clients can access currency options for any size from a minimum hedge of €10,000 to €10mn.

  2. Ultimate Flexibility
    Your client's currency requirements can change quickly. They can also change the quantity of the desired currency, the timeframe for the option and adjust the level of risk they are willing to take.

  3. Client Funds are 100% Protected
    Assure Hedge is approved to hold client money, thereby client’s funds and positions are protected.

  4. Real-time Pricing and Execution
    Pricing and values can be immediately seen without the need for your clients calling your trading desk.

  5. Currency Confidence

    For a relatively small upfront premium, the client will eliminate currency risk and gain from any upside movement.