Integrate FX Options into your site with our APIs

We have developed a full range of currency hedging Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), which will empower your team to immediately offer a range of self-service currency hedging solutions to your customers. Specially developed for businesses that offer Forex solutions such as banks, brokers, payment providers and platforms.

Our in-house team of developers have created currency hedging API integrations for FX options and forwards to enable pricing and execution. Special attention has been given to creating APIs that easily integrate into existing systems. In addition, customisable options are provided to allow businesses to tailor the output to match existing design and branding styles.

Assure Hedge’s Options Pricing API

Our APIs for options pricing, execution and trading empower your company to offer your clients FX options across Europe (all 31 EEA countries) without the need to hold the required MiFID regulations.

After purchasing the Pricing and Trading API from Assure Hedge and our standard KYC and AML have been performed, the APIs are integrated into your current trading platform. This enables your business to tailor your client interface to incorporate FX options and match your existing design and branding.

Who is Our API for?

Our API is a perfect fit for financial institutions who are regulated but do not have the required regulation to sell options or forwards and/or do not have the resources or space on their technology and product roadmaps to build their own pricing and trading platform.

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for Banks for FX Brokers

Not sure what an API is?

Our API are like bricks which allow you to build any type of building you wish and can be used by you in any way you can imagine. These bricks allow you to build your own bespoke hedging platform for your clients or to create an area within your application/site where your users can have the ability to hedge currency risk natively within your primary applications.

Leveraging our cutting edge APIs means you will be able to offer leading-edge hedging solutions to your clients in real-time and put you ahead of your competitors in the market.

This simplified approach means you don't have to worry about a complex real-time infrastructure and applications. You only need to hit a single endpoint to get back a result which you can completely rely upon.

How Our APIs Benefits Your Business


Our suite of currency hedging APIs enables your business to provide a digital hedging platform to easily sell FX options and to maintain its existing client relationships.

Fully Customised Front-End

With our APIs, your business can create a fully customised interface for your clients that matches your existing design, tailored for their specific needs.

Execute Options and Forwards On Demand across all Devices

Our APIs provide a fast way for your business to price and execute FX options through a fully self-service method across mobile, desktop and tablet devices.

Full Integration into Customised Workflows

Our currency hedging API allows you to create your own admin and reporting views that perfectly sync with your existing technology and platforms.

Integrate with your Trading Team’s Phone Pricing and Execution

When dealing with clients over the phone, having the most up to date pricing for FX options is key when selling across Europe.

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The Assure Hedge APIs offer immediate access for your customers to currency hedging solutions, regardless of whether you’re regulated or not, so you can start selling FX options across Europe.

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