Meet The Team

Photograph of Barry McCarthy
Barry McCarthy
CEO & Board Member

15 years as a successful financial markets trader: FX, Stocks, Commodities and Derivatives. Dublin, London, Gibraltar, Chicago and Singapore. Algorithmic trading systems designer. Created first Diploma in Financial Trading in Ireland.

Photograph of Graham Carrick
Graham Carrick

Co-Founder of the UK’s leading pools betting platform with over 125k player accounts and regulated in Ireland and the UK. Graham is a Former Senior Analyst in Accenture with a Master’s Degree in Management, Smurfit Business School.

Photograph of Barry McCarthy
Ian Murphy
Head of Compliance

Ian is a compliance professional with over 30 years of experience, holding Head of Compliance roles in the UK and Irish companies.

As head of compliance in Assure Hedge, Ian successfully secured the ability for the company to hold client money in Jan 2019.


Photograph of Iain Duncan
Iain Duncan
Head of Trading

Iain joined Assure Hedge in August 2018 after 10 years as a Financial Markets Trader. Iain has extensive experience across all asset classes, risk management and trading operations. Iain was also a co-founder of Dublin proprietary trading firm Myriad Trading.

Photograph of Kevin Murray
Kevin Murray
EMEA Partnerships

Kevin was a co-founder and Commercial Director of Evopass. Kevin gained experience in technology consulting and Business Development with Deloitte and Clear Strategy Consulting. He holds  Bachelors degree in Management Science and Information Systems from Trinity College Dublin.

Photograph of Daniel Gly-Cuthbert
Daniel Glyn-Cuthbert
EMEA Partnerships

Daniel is an experienced foreign exchange broker, specialising in Risk Management for SMEs. He has previously worked as a forex broker and trader, focusing on emerging markets and highly volatile currencies. He completed his Bachelor's degree in Financial Management at Stellenbosch University.

Photograph of Barry McCarthy
Duncan Healy
Lead Developer & Architect

Duncan has been the lead developer in Assure Hedge since early 2017. With over 20 year’s experience in development, leveraging the latest technologies Duncan has been actively involved in building and deploying the entire development stack to date.

Photograph of Barry McCarthy
Maicon Da Silva
Full-Stack Developer

Maicon joined the Assure Hedge team in July 2018 and works as our Full-Stack Developer specialising in Angular/Javascript, Nodejs.

Photograph of Prateek Chauhan
Prateek Chauhan
Developer / Data Scientist

A Computer Science Engineer with several years’ experience working in the Financial Services, Manufacturing and Professional Services sector as a technology executive. He holds a Masters in Data Science and Management from Griffith College Dublin.

Photograph of Barry McCarthy
Simon Boyle
User Experience & Front End Development

Simon has been weaving websites since 1993, working on everything from some of Ireland’s first sites to some of its largest.

Photograph of Paul Cran
Paul Cran
CFO & Company Secretary

Paul is a Chartered Accountant and was a director of a merchant bank in Dublin before taking up the role in 1993 as CFO and Deputy Chief Exec of the Maxol Group. He also served on the board of the Irish Management Institute. Since his retirement from the Maxol Group, he has acted as a corporate advisor to a small group of clients before joining Assure Hedge in May 2018.

Photograph of Martin Duffy
Martin Duffy

Martin is an internationally renowned technologist with extensive experience in the design, implementation and governance of large-scale IT Architecture, AI and Big data, security controls, business strategies and frameworks across global organisations.

Photograph of Richard Hayes
Richard Hayes
Investor & Chairman of the Board

Chairman of Global Shares PLC and The Prusik Asia Funds and a director of Findlay Park Funds PLC, Richard was formerly chairman of EFT Group Ltd, which was acquired by Koch Industries and formally the chairman of BHSL Ltd. He was the founder and CEO for seventeen years of IFG Group PLC until 2006.

Photograph of Rob Smith
Rob Smith
Investor & Board Member

Rob Smith was the CTO of GETCO and managed a team of 70 technologists, building a multi-asset, globally distributed trading platform, enabling GETCO to become, at one point, the highest volume trading firm in the world. He was the former Head of Europe for Knight Capital Group.