About Us

Assure Hedge is an award-winning financially regulated company using the latest technology to simplify FX currency hedging, specialising in FX options. We provide automated digital foreign exchange hedging solutions for banks, FX brokers and similar entities to integrate into their existing product suite, enabling them to provide additional and cutting edge services to their clients. Assure Hedge is regulated by the FCA to provide quick on-boarding, inter-bank rates and a self-service Hedging Tool.

The Assure Hedge Vision

Our vision at Assure Hedge is to disrupt the traditional methods of currency hedging.  We are doing this by empowering our financial partners to grow and prosper internationally by providing revolutionary, yet easy-to-use FX and hedging products to their clients.

To achieve this, our technology makes the transfer and protection of foreign currencies straightforward, affordable and accessible to individuals and businesses of all sizes, via our API and whitelabel solutions that are easily integrated into your business’s website, trading functions and treasury departments.

The market has been cloaked with hedging and trading products that are stuffed with complexity and mystifying terminology, all with the intent of hiding profit margins from your customers. Assure Hedge is pulling back the curtain and levelling the playing field for all.

Welcome to the New Way of Currency Hedging. We are sure that you will like this and get on-board for pushing equality for all.