It’s as simple as ABC…

AssureHedge web based platform is easy to use, simply enter your currency amounts and dates
By using the latest technology, the AssureHedge algorithms get the best possible rates
Currency confidence – benefit when the currency rises while being protected from any fall

Click "get quote" and get an instant quote from £10k to £1m – no matter the size, the pricing stays the same
AssureHedge has a simple and safe way to on-board clients.
AssureHedge products are truly innovative – bringing to market for the first-time world-class APIs, algorithms, liquidity sources and an intuitive platform. All of which can be white labelled for your business – giving you the competitive advantage to serve your clients better. To find out more email:
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AssureHedge are revolutionising currency exchange for business – giving companies instant access to tools and services that used to only be available to large multinationals. Business has enough risks, exchange rates does not need to be one of them. To find out more email:
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AssureHedge can be used for your personal transactions too. Buying that house, or car, sending that lump sum abroad. Whatever the reason we have the best possible solution for you. With AssureHedge, currency confidence is only a click away – safe, secure and assured. To find out more email:
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The AssureHedge mission is simple: giving small and medium-sized businesses the same currency hedging tools that multinationals use to offset risk. Based in Dublin, our team’s exceptional trading, regulation, and financial technology experience makes the process clear, simple, fast and safe for our customers.
Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about AssureHedge. Please get in touch any time if you would like to chat about how we are revolutionising currency exchange for personal, business and institutional clients.
How can AssureHedge protect my profit?

Once you accept the quote, AssureHedge will lock in the exchange rate for the time duration you have selected. We do this using complex currency derivatives that guarantee your chosen rate and allow you to benefit in the event that the exchange rate goes in your favour.

Are my funds safe?

Rest assured all client funds are held in segregated accounts with regulated Banks. We only use banks that are regulated by the FCA and Central Bank of Ireland. We take security very seriously and conduct business in a manner consistent with the best interests of our clients and our partners.

How do I get started?

You simply need click on the SIGN UP button on the top of the page and follow the steps. There is no catch to registering with us; it’s free and you don’t have to transfer funds until you accept a quote and purchase your profit protection.

What do I need to get started?

Once you fill out the signup form we require a copy of one of the following documents from list A and one from list B :
A. Proof of identity
● Valid Passport
● Valid driver’s license
● EU National Identity Card


B. Proof of Residence (dated within 6 months)
● A utility bill e.g. gas or electricity bill
● A bank or building society statement
● Your Notification of Determination of Tax Credits for the current year
● Your original household, health or motor insurance documents
● Local tax authority bill
● Tax correspondence

Who uses AssureHedge?

AssureHedge is used by individuals, businesses and financial institutions that have foreign currency risk. Our customers get instant access to the tools and services previously only available to multinationals with hedging volumes of over £50M per year.

How can I get a quote?

Simply select GET QUOTE:
1. Choose your home and foreign currency
2. Choose whether you are sending or receiving
3. Enter the amount of currency
4. Enter the length of time you expect to receive or send the currency
5. Lastly, select GET QUOTE and adjust the amount and time as needed.

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